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Luna Yu

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Luna completed her Bachelors & Masters of Science from the University of Toronto within 4 years. She has co-founded and built 2 profitable software startups, both of which still operating today.

Luna also has 5 years of sales experience, have sold over over $2 million in POS contracts at First Data Canada.

Abdul Khogali

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Abdul holds a MASc. degree from University of Toronto, a B.Sc. in biopharmaceutical science with a specialization in genomics and has 5+ years of business development experience. He served as an environmental consultant, ensuring hundred of projects were completed within the regulatory frameworks and standards set by the government, and as the operations manager of a large security firm, responsible for multi-million dollar deals and 70 staff.

Brad Witt

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Brad has an MBA in finance and holds a CPA issued from Ontario. He has 20 years of financial leadership roles in the plastics industry with The Dow Chemical Company. Brad worked with NatureWorks LLC from start-up to launch of their initial biopolymer. Brad is currently an Accounting Professor with Humber Institute of Technology, and an active member of the board of directors of Caledon Community Services in Peel region.

Patrick Neill

Senior Director of Eng.
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Patrick has over 30 years of industrial process and product development experience including 20 years in senior engineering leadership roles and over 7 years directing the research and development of biochemical process technologies. His expertise includes design and construction of pilot, demonstration, and full-scale industrial plants. He has a customer-focused attitude and focuses on developing cost-effective innovative products, processes, and solutions to meet end-user needs.

Hasitha de Alwis

Director of R&D
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Hasitha has an M. Sc. in biological chemistry, a B. Sc. in biochemistry, and over seven years of experience working in various biochemistry, nanomaterials, and biotechnology laboratories. Hasitha has successfully conducted research projects and published multiple articles in a variety of high-impact-factor journals. Hasitha has won multiple industry awards, including the NSERC award.

Marcos Igreja

Associate Director of Eng & Ops
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Marcos holds a B.Eng in Bioresource Engineering from McGill University. He has been with Genecis since its inception, leading efforts to scale-up the core technology, strategic planning, and building up the team. He has won awards including in bioreactor design and technical entrepreneurship. His past experience across Brazil, Hong Kong, and Canada, includes agricultural waste treatment, fermentation engineering, energy management, and technical consulting for start-ups.

Michael Williamson

Engineering Manager, Polymers
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Michael has an MEng in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Toronto, a BEng in Materials Engineering from McMaster University, and over 7 years of formal laboratory, mechanical and design experience. His passion for problem-solving and creative thinking has led him through experiences from improving industrial-scale processes in steel mills, to designing custom heavy equipment for use in the construction industry.

Kevin Eriksen

Programming & AI Lead
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Kevin is a University of Toronto graduate specializing in Mechatronics Engineering. He has had a year of professional mechanical work experience at Husky Injection Moulding, where he resolved and improved manufacturing processes. Kevin loves working with automation control systems, he can often be found in a garage workshop tinkering on automated robotics projects.

Dr. Vani Sankar

Biotechnology Lead
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Dr. Vani Sankar has a PhD in Biotechnology from CSIR – National Institute for Interdisciplinary Sciences and Technology, India. She has extensive experience in Bioprocess development and optimization, and 5+ years experience in biofuel production from lignocellulosic biomass. Dr. Sankar has worked on research projects involving multiple international collaborations and has several peer reviewed publications to her credit.

Sudhanshu Soman

Chemical Engineering Lead
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Sudhanshu has an M.A.Sc in Chemical Engineering from University of Waterloo and Ba. from The MS University of Baroda, India. He has published research regarding an innovative design of static mixer, which gives higher mixing efficiency and reduced pressure drop than the existing static mixers. He has also worked as a Chemical Engineer at the world’s largest oil and gas refinery Reliance Industries Ltd.

Rajan Manocha

Business Development Lead
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Rajan holds a degree in business management specializing in accounting from Western University, a diploma in accounting from Fanshawe college, and has a strong background in Sciences. He has over 7 years of sales management experience, including as President of Sales at EcoHome; led cumulative deals of over $2M and managed a sales team of 15+ members. Rajan’s interest in business development originates from his strong financial background he obtained from his academic and professional experiences.

Robert Celik

Growth & Partnership Lead
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As Head of Growth in his previous organization, Robert led a sustainable packaging consulting project for a $7 billion foodservice multinational, developed a strategic national partnership with Uber Eats, and led domestic and European expansion. He also planned an R&D project to accelerate the breakdown of bioplastics in the composting process. Robert holds a BSc from Western University, and studied abroad in Germany and Switzerland.

Forbes Lui

Material Chemist
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Forbes is a fourth year student at the University of Toronto where she is studying chemistry, neuroscience and immunology. She hopes to take this opportunity to gain lab experience while helping to provide the world with a solution that will standardize the quality of food and plastic waste disposal.

Deeksha Shetty

Microbiology Lead
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Deeksha has M.Sc in Applied Microbiology from the University of Saskatchewan and specializes in genome-scale regulatory networks, alongside extensive experience in molecular and microbiology techniques. Her Masters research earned her the prestigious “2019 Alltech Young Scientist” award featuring entrants from 120 universities and 40 countries. She has published her work in various peer-reviewed journals and has won several scholarships.

Dylan Pardy

Electrical Operator
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Dylan graduated from Durham college with an electrical engineering technician degree with honours. He has experience working in both commercial and industrial electrical applications. Dylan also has a strong desire for continued improvement, and are described by others as someone who learns quickly and is always keeping himself busy.

Samra Asem

Office Administrator
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Samra completed her LLB (Hons) Law with Psychology at BPP University in England, where she went on to join the in-house Board Secretariat team at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP. She has almost four years of experience working in professional services, both client facing and in-house, and hopes to bring her experience, knowledge and problem-solving skills to a growing and impactful company like Genecis.

Nadya Iswari

Laboratory Technician
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Nadya completed her H.B.Sc. from University of Toronto, where she specializes in Pharmacology and Toxicology. She has experience working in various research institutions including SickKids, University of Toronto, and NUS. She enjoys doing benchworks and hopes to make impactful contributions to the world.

Junwei Lv

Polymer Dev Specialist
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Junwei has an M.Eng in Materials and Mechanical Engineering specialized in Composite Materials from Western University. Over his 4 years of research and manufacturing experience, he has led multiple research projects including PHAs and HDPE with different additives investigating their mechanical and thermal properties, and obtained solid understanding on polymer processing. He hopes to utilize all his academic knowledge and practical skills to investigate more possibilities of PHAs applications.

Srujan Challa

Chemical Operator
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Srujan received a MEng in chemical engineering from University of Waterloo, and a BEng from one of the most prestigious Institutions, VIT University, Vellore, India. He has over 4 years of extensive experience in Process Operations, executing EHS studies, and designing safety systems for chemical process Industries. He also possess a strong passion for design, troubleshoot and optimize chemical process operations.

Rick Herman

Wastewater Technician

Rick completed his Masters at Trent University in Water/Wastewater Management researching how to exploit the seasonal thermocline in the Great Lakes to protect Drinking Water Intakes from Wastewater Outfall pathogens and toxic algae blooms that are increasingly threatening our Source Water using Caffeine (for Raw Sewage) and Sucralose (for treated sewage) as Wastewater Markers. He is a Class 1 Wastewater Operator, certified Limited Surface Water Operator, Environmental Technician and has a diploma in Instrumentation & Control Engineering.

Andy La

Analytical Chem Lab Technician

Andy completed his H.B.Sc from the University of Waterloo, where he specializes in Biochemistry with a minor in French. He has a broad range of experience from working in the office for Health Canada or doing field/lab work for small companies. This is his first opportunity working for a biotechnology company with such a unique focus and he hopes to gain new skills while sharpening old ones.

Mikaela Preston

Jr. Biochemical Engineer
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Mikaela holds a BSE in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering from UPenn. She has worked on various novel clean technologies such as algae CCS, biofuels, and solar H2. She has been building bioreactors since middle school and was named one of Canada's Top 20 Under 20.