Our Product – Kirbo 1000


Kirbo is fully automated – watching your everyday food waste turn into value is simple with a press of a button. We give you the freedom to remotely monitor 24/7, even off-site.


No Extra Cost

By relocating the same cash amount you regularly spend on monthly organic disposal to Kirbo, you can pay off the machine in less than 3 years through monthly leases.


The digestate will be sold to make end products like biodegradable plastics and biofuels. We also provide you the CO2 offset emission data to track your contributions to a greener Earth.

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Waste Diversion

Over 90% of all waste in N.A. goes direct to landfill and incinerators. The methane and CO2 released contributes to over 7% of global GHG emissions. By choosing Kirbo, you will be part of the paradigm shift.

Achievement Tracking

All Kirbo units will be linked to our wireless network to be monitored, controlled and tracked for sustainable data. View your contributions to a sustainable planet at your finger tips.

Waste into Value

Not only will your waste be transformed into a valuable intermediary product, used to make biodegradable plastics, biofuels, and pharmaceutical drugs. It will also be involved in the future process of developing a truly sustainable carbon credit system.

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What our Partners say

Every single restaurant should have a machine that can do this.

Palace Restaurant Owner@Palace Restaurant

Dealing with organic waste has always been a tough dilemma for our restaurant. Genecis’ offered solution for transferring the same amount of money that we normally pay to organic disposal to paying off the lease of a machine that can take care of the waste on-site sounds very promising. Especially when it is also environmentally friendly as well, a benefit that is not usually cheap to have nowadays.

Divine Burgerhouse Owner@Divine Burgerhouse


About us

We are a dedicated group of geeks aimed to tackle the problem of global food waste, one commercial kitchen at a time. From distinctive backgrounds of science, engineering, electronics, business, we unite together in creating a cost-effective and long-term core solution to how we treat and value our organic "waste".

We envision a future where organics will be engraved as a valuable resource that gives rise to a variety of products ranging biodegradable plastics and biofuels, to even pharmaceutical drugs. It will no longer be a headache to dispose of for restaurant owners or individuals. Rather, a true commodity that not only holds strong economic value but also helps to create a sustainable future, free of GHG emissions.

Join us, in molding a future where no grain of rice gets left behind.

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